Did you know that New Zealand honey is the best honey in the world?


1. Because of New Zealand's isolation, it is free of bee diseases that are common in most other countries in the world. Therefore, New Zealand's beekeepers do not feed their hives chemicals and additives that are used to control disease. So, our honey is the best quality (There is no sugar contamination in our honey!).

2. New Zealand's remote geographical location and small population help to ensure a clean, green environment. New Zealand has an international reputation for high quality honey.


3. New Zealand honey is gathered from an abundance of flowers in habitats ranging from wild hill-country forests to cultivated pasturelands. The taste of New Zealand honey is unique.

4. New Zealand honey is known around the world as a high value, premium quality and natural product.



  • is a mixture of glucose and fructose (white sugar is made up of sucrose), the simple types of sugars found in honey are more easily assimilated into the bloodstream - supplies instant energy and less likely to cause an over stimulation of insulin production
  • increase hemoglobin count
  • when used externally - honey covers the wound and starves any bacteria so that they stop growing and it also serves as a protective barrier against new bacteria and enzymes in honey actually promote skin growth
  • Honey can rightfully be considered a living food which contains a whole host of nutrients intrinsic to its natural production by honeybees. White sugar is a dead substance devoid of vitamins and minerals.

    (“Healing From The Hive”, authored by R. Elkins.)

25 Things You Must Do While Visiting Toronto - by Stacey McLeod (www.toronto.com):

  • 1. Lie face down on the glass floor at the CN Tower
  • 2. Sit upstairs at Union Station during rush hour.
  • 3. Skate at Nathan Phillips Square.
  • ...
  • 21. Sample honey at Honey World, St. Lawrence Market.
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